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For the good of humankind

What philanthropy means at ELTHAM

ELTHAM has always had community at its heart. At its most pure, philanthropy is defined as the love of humankind, and this is the vision for philanthropy that the College is focused on embedding.

Our approach to philanthropy includes the altruistic offering of time, knowledge, goods, services, and funds to help our community prosper, and for the good of humanity. We believe when individuals or organisations are described as philanthropic, it says something about their character and values, far beyond a measure of wealth.

Fostering a legacy of philanthropic pursuit

At ELTHAM College, we have been founded by philanthropic principles and support, we have a culture of responding to need and asking: “What needs improving? What needs supporting? How can I help my school, my community, my global village”.

To act as a sounding board for these questions and support our activities related to Philanthropy, the College has formed the ELTHAM College Philanthropy Working Party (ECPWP).

The ECPWP is formed of representatives from our parent group, alumni, staff, past staff, and friends. This collective forum brings diverse perspectives, experiences, and knowledge to the fore, for the betterment of the College and its philanthropic objectives. 

For more information, see our Terms of Reference and Meeting Guidelines

Giving back today, shaping ELTHAM’s tomorrow

From the very inception of the College, our local community and families volunteered their time, made donations, offered skills, and organised events to make the College a reality.

Today at ELTHAM College this ethos endures, and supporters of the College have the opportunity to help us to continue to grow and thrive through contributing to our Building Fund. Financial contributions to the College Building Fund provide invaluable support to the infrastructure projects of greatest need and impact for our students and staff. All donations to the Building Fund are tax deductible.

Philanthropic Opportunities  

If you would like to know more about Philanthropy at ELTHAM College, including the ELTHAM College Philanthropy Working Party or opportunities for philanthropic support, please contact us by emailing .