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The ELTHAM College Strategic Plan frames our guiding purpose, to grow hearts and minds and help our community prosper. 

Our students are agents in their own growth through curiosity, collaboration, developing leadership and using their voice, while experiencing authentic learning opportunities.

Located in an extraordinary environment, our young people experience an engaging, courageous, future-focused curriculum, while being supported with warmth, care and respect. 

Supported by exceptional educators, learning at ELTHAM College is, and must be, a daring adventure.

Background of the ELTHAM College Strategic Plan

The College's Strategic Plan outlines the agenda for ELTHAM College’s future over the next five years. It is the culmination of a significant body of work undertaken by the Board, Executive, staff, students and our community, both during and post the pandemic, to define our purpose and what we strive to be known for. 

It builds on our unique strengths but equally, who we aspire to be and describes how we will work as a community.

The achievement of our strategic vision together with key deliverables the College is focused on the immediate term. These deliverables will be reviewed annually, with progress reported to our community, and our successes celebrated as we build on the past and create our future. 

The ELTHAM College Strategic Plan draws on the strengths of our achievements while looking ahead with optimism and inspiration.

Eltham college strategic plan students

Our purpose

We are here to grow hearts and minds and help our community prosper.

Eltham college strategic plan performances

We will be known for...authentic learning that is a daring adventure

Critical thinkers who can solve complex problems | Individualised learning pathways to enable our young people to fulfil their potential | Using the world as a classroom | Exceptional educators and support teams.

Volunteers - college strategic plan

We will be known for...our connected and engaged community

A culture of philanthropy enabling ourselves and others to thrive | Wellbeing at the heart of everything we do | Long-term transformative partnerships.

college strategic plan nurturing children

We will be known for...what we do today has a lasting impact on tomorrow

Innovating for the future | Resilient and sustainable business systems and processes | Efficient use of resources.

How we will work...

Be courageous

We challenge the status quo and push personal and collective boundaries to achieve our purpose.

Be curious

We are inquisitive, open-minded and consider different possibilities. We seek to understand and explore opportunities for growth.

Be respectful

We treat others how we wish to be treated. We assume good intent and are open to other perspectives and approaches.

Own it

We are accountable for our actions and behaviours and celebrate our successes. We are kind to ourselves and our colleagues when mistakes are made, and use them as an opportunity to grow.

One team

We work together, drawing on each other's strengths, to achieve our shared purpose.

The ELTHAM College Strategic Plan - Measures of success...

Eltham College Strategic Plan