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Policies are important to ensure that all community members understand what is expected of them and what they can expect from the College. Many guiding principles are explained in our policies, including those relating to legal and ethical protection requirements, and safety guidelines.

Community Expectations, Rights and Responsibilities

The Community Expectations Agreement for Adults is framed to reflect the goals of the College’s strategic statement. It provides parameters for staff, parent, guardian and volunteer interactions with other members of the College community. The ELTHAM College Rights, Responsibilities and Expectations poster communicates conduct expectations for students and others, and is displayed throughout the College.

Child Safe Standards

ELTHAM College is committed to child safety, and uphold the Child Safe Standards and Ministerial Order #1359. We want all our students to be safe, happy and empowered. We support and respect all students and have zero tolerance of child abuse. 

Below is a list of Policies available for download.

The College welcomes community feedback on our child safe policies and practices, and invites families to contact the Deputy Principal (Child Safety Officer and Child Safe Standards Champion) with feedback, suggestions or concerns.

The Child Safety Officers at ELTHAM College are:

  • Mike Brennin, Deputy Principal
  • Eleni Goulas, Director, ELC and Junior School
  • Lesley Moulin, Director, Senior School
  • Julia Walker, Head of Student Services
  • Andrew Garas, School Psychologist

Complaint resolution guidelines

ELTHAM College is committed to promoting a harmonious environment by ensuring there are processes that allow for complaints, disputes and problems to be addressed and resolved in a manner which respects the position of all parties involved.

Emergency Management

ELTHAM College ensures it is prepared for emergencies and is ready to act in the face of a natural disaster like a bushfire. 


ELTHAM College is guided by strong governance principles, as defined by the VRQA Minimum Standards for education providers, the Education and Training Reform Act, and the Corporations Act

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More policies and procedures for families on mE

Families of ELTHAM College can view more policies and information on the intranet mE. This includes policies and documents relating to IT and devices, behaviour management, attendance, allergies and anaphylaxis, ELC and OSHC policies, and SunSmart sun protection.

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