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ELTHAM is one of Australia’s few truly independent schools led by a Company Board responsible to parent members. It is not affiliated with any religious or government organisations and has the freedom to dream and set its own strategic directions. The College Board is ultimately responsible for the overall educational and financial policy of the College. One parent of each family is required to take up membership, which entitles them to vote or stand for the College Board.

Jim Grant


I have extensive and varied experience in education, corporate and community organisations as a teacher, senior executive and consultant. A large part of my professional life has involved developing leaders and helping to build constructive cultures. I am committed to ELTHAM College’s purpose of “growing hearts and minds” and our values of courage, curiosity, respect, owning it and one team which are alive every day. I believe that strong and effective governance and strategy are critical parts of the schools’ success and the Board's obligations.  

Ruth Bailey

Vice Chair

My reasons for being on the Board are to ensure that “Parent Voice” is represented. My involvement in ECCA ensures that the connection between student - school - parent is preserved making ELTHAM a positive experience for all. I am committed to ensuring ELTHAM maintains high levels of governance whilst providing an interesting, diverse and quality education for our children.

Cynthia Gebert

Vice Chair

I am an experienced senior executive and a strategic and ethical leader with a proven commitment to strong organisational governance. ELTHAM College has a reputation for developing well-rounded students who have a strong sense of community, are able to problem solve, assess risk and tackle life’s challenges. I have seen these valuable life skills develop in my son during his time at ELTHAM College. I am committed to ELTHAM College being a positive environment where every student can access the opportunities they need to grow and develop.

Gabrielle Montagnese

Board Member

With experience in business, corporate environments, philanthropy and as an influential leader, I believe I can add value in many areas. I aim to inspire and support people to be the best they can be by creating a truly inspiring place to thrive. This is a critical part of driving growth and creating a contagious culture that the school is known for. I am committed creating a world in which all people feel safe, happy, healthy and able to reach their full potential. I am passionately committed to giving back to the community through donations to charitable organisations and through my own Foundation.

Heather Campbell

Board Member

I deeply believe that every young person should be able to explore the full variety of experiences that life has to offer and thus chart a pathway where they can make their dreams a reality. I particularly want to make sure that all students, from those that excel to those who may struggle with the traditional academic subjects, are supported and given the opportunities to excel in the areas that they are passionate about. I bring my skills in strategy, risk management and my years on other Boards to work with the Board and school management to chart a compelling strategic direction for the school which supports all students.

Bryony Hayes

Board Member

I have two children at ELTHAM College and I was also a student from Prep – Year 12, while my father taught at the College for many years as Head of the Maths Department, so I feel very connected to the school and would like to contribute and make a difference. I bring risk management skills, along with legal and governance skills, having had a background in law and then financial services for the past 20 years. I have been involved with Boards and in particular Risk Committees and Investment Committees for many years in my role as Chief Risk Officer in financial services organisations.

Sharon Tooley

Board Member

I currently work as Head of Technology (Health Care Management) with an international health care service provider. I have a keen interest in corporate governance and in addition to my membership on the ELTHAM College Risk Committee, I hold positions with both the Royal Flying Doctor Service and West Wimmera Health Services boards.

Bec Lollback

Board Member

I am a highly experienced senior leader and advisor to public and private sector clients in relation to their property and infrastructure. I am passionate about ensuring that our school’s hard and soft infrastructure is an enabler of our ELTHAM College Vision, Purpose and education philosophy. I am particularly passionate about ensuring our students are able to learn in an environment where every human, no matter how they identify, can reach their full potential. I have a child at ELTHAM College, attending Grade 1.

Stuart Wenn

Company Secretary

Read more about Stuart in Our Executive.

Richard Lisle

Principal/CEO (ex officio)

Read more about Richard in Our Principal.

Governance at ELTHAM College

ELTHAM is a not-for-profit public company, Eltham College Ltd. Its Members are those parents nominated on enrolment as the Company Member. They are entitled to attend and vote at the AGM. If you are not sure who is the Company Member in your family, please contact the College.

The Board has the responsibility, the same as any public Company Board, to ensure the corporate integrity of the Company and to set strategic and overall policy directions. The Board delegates operational responsibility to the Principal. Directors govern the school under the Corporations Act (2001) and ASIC regulations and must carry out their fiduciary duties accordingly. 

Each Company Member will receive the Annual Report, information on the AGM, a call for nominations for Director and proxy voting forms during March each year. Please put the date in your diary or plan to give your proxy to Reception so that we have a quorum. You may nominate any Member as a proxy. 

There are twelve elected Directors who are elected for three years. Four retire each year. They are eligible for re-election. 

The Principal is appointed as a director each year. The Principal is chosen first and foremost because of his/her capacity for educational leadership and, through this, the capacity to provide the vision and leadership for an executive team, staff, students, families and the wider community. 

However, we also see that leadership is a role expected of all staff and, as they develop and learn, of all students. Our staff work in self-managing teams with leadership roles allocated appropriately to the leadership task and the team members. Students have a wide range of leadership opportunities as individual students, in collaboration with peers and working together with staff. 

ELTHAM College Constitution

Our Constitution explains how the College is governed.

Download our Constitution