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ELTHAM College Executive Team

Discover ELTHAM College, where education is enriched by a dedicated college executive team focused on fostering a supportive and innovative learning environment. Join us to explore our holistic approach to education and community engagement.

Richard Lisle


I joined ELTHAM College as Principal/CEO inspired by its mission to provide authentic, real-world learning experiences while building a connected and flourishing community. Working closely with the college executive team, I've developed strategies to enrich our educational programs and foster community engagement. I've worked at Independent schools in New South Wales and South Australia, as well as in large and complex schools in the UK. Wherever I've worked, my central thoughts and values regarding schooling have remained constant. I believe that a quality education is one that provides opportunities for young people to be courageous and curious; where they are encouraged to be bold in their thinking and their actions; where they have the chance to discover and develop passions and interests that could last a lifetime. 

Mike Brennin

Deputy Principal

I joined ELTHAM in 2010 and was appointed to the position of Director of Senior School the following year, before being appointed to the role of Deputy Principal. Working collaboratively with the college executive team, I have championed initiatives focused on learning and teaching, as well as raising attainment. Prior to moving to Australia, I was an Assistant Head Teacher in the UK with a strong emphasis on these areas. Education for me has always been about providing the support, structure, and encouragement that enables our young people to flourish. To develop their understanding of self, understand the breadth of opportunities that life can present and the impact that their personal contribution can have – they can change the world.

Eleni Goulas

Director, Junior School and ELC

I love working with the young learners in the ELC and Junior School at ELTHAM College, watching them learn from their educational experiences and relationships. I am passionate about student voice and agency and developing a strong community feel in the School which enables students, staff, and parents to experience a sense of belonging and connectedness. Collaborating closely with the college executive team, I have gained insights into student pastoral care, family engagement, and staff wellbeing across various Independent schools, Catholic schools, and private industry. I enjoy co-creating with my colleagues a wondrous world for students to exercise their curiosity, imagination, and innovative thinking. I believe each student and staff member contributes to the rich tapestry of ELTHAM College.

Lesley Moulin

Director, Senior School

I have always believed working in education is a privilege. When you understand the impact you can have on a young person’s life, be it in the classroom, in a co-curricular club, through incidental corridor conversations, on a sporting field, or while working with them on camp in the outdoors – assisting young people to understand who they are while instilling curiosity and confidence is beyond rewarding. At ELTHAM College, we achieve this by working closely with families to build a connected community through our shared values. Collaborating with the college executive team, I commence my 30th year working in the education sector with renewed passion and energy. Together, we ensure that at ELTHAM College, we continue to encourage students to strive for excellence through the array of opportunities we offer.

Helen Lucas

Director, Curriculum

The idea that learning is a ‘daring adventure’ underpins our educational philosophy and is what drew me to ELTHAM College.  I began teaching in Longreach, outback Queensland. I have also taught in Brisbane and Hobart. After working in international schools in Russia, Finland, the United States, and Israel, I joined the College in 2020. Throughout my career and across various educational systems, my approach to teaching has been to create a safe space where young people are encouraged to be risk takers, think critically and creatively, and be successful problem solvers. This equips them with the confidence to take their place in the world to contribute in a positive way and reflects ELTHAM College’s philosophy.

Stuart Wenn

Director, Business and Operations

My journey to joining ELTHAM College did not follow a traditional pathway. I previously served on the College Board and joined the College Executive Team in 2021, bringing my significant corporate experience in business, finance and elite sport to our purpose, of growing hearts and minds and helping our community prosper. I am passionate about personal growth and development having recently studied leadership and organisational coaching while also working at the AFL in talent development. There is no greater purpose in life than knowing what you do is helping the next generation to create the future. I have lived in the local community most of my life, having had many personal connections with the College over its 50 years and am inspired everyday by the daring adventures of our young people. 

Rebecca Millar

Director, People and Culture

I love working with people, and in my role on the college executive team, I have the privilege of supporting ELTHAM College to be a place where people love to work. Prior to commencing at the College in 2020, I worked in Human Resources advisory and leadership roles in the health and community sector. ELTHAM College’s purpose and values drew me here as they align with my personal values. They inspire and motivate me to contribute in a positive way by supporting and developing employees. The focus of my role is to help create a positive culture where employees thrive, where their wellbeing is paramount, and where their voice is heard. Happy employees lead to happy students!