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The ELTHAM Education Philosophy: Shaping the future of real-world ready individuals

Growing Hearts and Minds 

We believe in a holistic approach to education and an education philosophy that fosters wellbeing and community mindedness (growing hearts), while celebrating curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking (growing minds). 

We think bigger picture. Academic success and achievement in and out of the classroom is the outcome of a well-rounded student learning experience. By authentically educating the whole person, and aligning their passions and academic strengths, we are preparing every ELTHAM student for what success looks like for them. Our students are ready to make an impact within society and themselves. 


education philosophy outside the classroom
Experience a Daring Adventure 

We believe that school is a daring adventure where children learn to think for themselves in preparation for a future of exciting possibilities. Our education philosophy encourages exploration and independence, fostering creativity and appropriate risk-taking to promote learning without fear of failure.

We aim for our young people to relate to their world, understand their effect on it, and help shape it in positive ways. By fostering creativity and appropriate risk-taking, we allow young people to learn without fear of failure. 

ELTHAM ensures every student is nurtured, can aim high in life, continues learning and problem solving, forms successful relationships, achieves independence, and greets opportunities with confidence.

World-Ready Curriculum and Programs

We believe that there is not one singular path to success. Our young people are empowered to explore their passions and develop their strengths, academically and beyond the classroom. Our education philosophy emphasizes personalized learning and encourages students to take ownership of their education experience. 

Our Victorian based curriculum is delivered in authentic and real-world ways, complimented by our innovative programs and co-curricular offerings. This applied learning approach develops independent thinkers and students who take ownership of their education experience. 

Respect for All 

Compassion for diversity and consideration for inclusivity is the foundation of a strong community. Respect comes in all forms: for yourself, for others and their differences, for the environment and world around you, and for the important role you play in society. Our education philosophy underscores the importance of respect, inclusivity, and compassion for all members of our community.  

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Ideal Environment for Authentic Learning

We believe the physical environment is part of the student’s ideal educational experience, reflecting our education philosophy.

ELTHAM College is an extraordinary place. Set against a spectacular natural backdrop and environmental overlay, our semi-rural grounds are home to world-class facilities and spaces that foster authentic learning. By creating an environment that is optimal to effective learning and human wellbeing – replacing concrete walls with the ‘world as a classroom’ – ELTHAM students experience a warm and welcoming atmosphere on campus that aligns with our education philosophy.

Education philosophy student teacher relationship

Connection, Community & Care

We believe that a culture of pastoral care is essential for collective and individual success, reflecting our education philosophy.

ELTHAM promotes harmonious student-teacher partnerships. Our highly qualified teachers instil their passion for the subject in their students, forging a professional bond with mutual respect that is crucial in a young person’s learning journey. Through intimate class sizes, students have the nurturing support of a connected and engaged community that facilitates their diverse passions and encourages their active involvement in their interests, in line with our education philosophy.

Eltham College Observatory with Students education philosophy

Growing Hearts and Minds for a Better Future

Philanthropy underpins all actions. To develop a well-rounded, compassionate individual, we must grow hearts and minds, so that our future generations can help the community, and the world, prosper. In its purest form, it’s about helping others - and we all play a part.