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The ELTHAM College Community Association, known as ECCA, aims to WELCOME, CONNECT, AND SUPPORT the ELTHAM community including parents, guardians, students and staff, through events and initiatives that enable our College community to thrive and creates greater connectedness. 

The College purpose is to grow hearts and minds and help our community prosper and ECCA is a vital part of this. 

Joining the ELTHAM College Community Association Committee or supporting ECCA events and initiatives is a great way to become more involved with the College. There are a variety of opportunities for you to help us deliver enriching community experiences. 

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For more information regarding ELTHAM College Community Association email 

We look forward to hearing from you. 

ELTHAM College Community Association book signing

A Novel Bunch

A Novel Bunch is a book club for parents, carers and staff from any year level at ELTHAM College.

This year, to celebrate ELTHAM’s 50th anniversary, we will travel back through the decades with the novels we read. We will begin in the 2020s and head back to the 1970s when the school began.

For our first meeting this year, we will be reading Jessica Au’s 2022 novel "Cold Enough for Snow", the inaugural winner of The Novel Prize. Our first meeting for 2024 is on Monday 19 February at 7:30pm in the D D Davey Library (Senior School library).

2024 Book Club Dates & Eras:
Monday 19 February – 2020s
Monday 22 April – 2010s
Tuesday 11 June – 2000s
Monday 5 August – 1990s
Monday 14 October – 1980s
Monday 2 December – 1970s

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