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At ELTHAM Year 10 students focus on developing productive study habits that will facilitate their transition into VCE, setting them up for academic success.

Years 10 – 12 at ELTHAM College are personalised, so the program for one student may differ significantly from that of another. The Years 10 – 12 program is constructed across several years, not year by year. Some students complete a three-year VCE program across Years 10 – 12, exploring and experiencing a range of subject areas, specialising as required to link tertiary or work opportunities. There are three different levels of subjects on offer: Year 10, VCE and VET Units 1 & 2, VCE and VET Units 3 & 4 subjects.

Students are supported with dedicated programs, often presented by external partners, which see them develop their own individualised study systems that draw on their own personal strengths and work styles. 

Equally important is a focus on an enjoyable and memorable Year 10 experience, providing support to their peers and being well connected as a cohort. This strong social network sees our students not only succeed in their VCE years, but also enjoy this important time in our young people’s lives. The Year 10 Retreat creates a dedicated space for cohort-strengthening activities. 

The Outdoor Education program is offered to Year 10 students in the 'Journey to the Top' elective, an expedition from Mount Feathertop to Mount Bogong. Students gain skills in route planning, navigation, transportation, risk management, meal planning, safety, first aid, equipment handling, communication, and leadership.