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Inspiring inclusion begins at school

Eltham College International Womens Day

This International Women’s Day, we are reflecting on the fundamental role an ELTHAM education plays in shaping our student community for the future.

In classrooms, on playgrounds, on sports fields, in auditoriums, on camps — when students are instilled with positive experiences of collaboration, partnership and community from a young age, they graduate as confident advocates of (and active participants in) a more inclusive world.

Inclusion can be learned. And as ELTHAM educators, it is our role to help teach it to tomorrow’s generations through the everyday actions we model and motivate. 

International Womens Day at Eltham College

Equal-opportunity leadership

Gender stereotyping is not part of the ELTHAM leadership experience. Student elections and achievements are based on merit and how capably students fulfil the requirements, a message reinforced at every level to empower all ambitious students’ leadership aspirations. This has resulted in a diverse and representative leadership cohort, with the last two years seeing female students earn Dux and secure four of the six Year 12 College Captain positions.

"I am inspired by the intelligent and talented women who hold leadership positions at ELTHAM College. Our Head of Curriculum, Head of the Junior School, Head of Senior School and Head of People and Culture, all women! We also have three female Heads of Faculty. I hope that younger females at the College see this and recognise that they too can hold positions of power and influence in whatever field they choose."

Kylie Price Head of Literacy
International Womens Day at collaboration

Empowered College collaboration

Every student has the power to make a valuable contribution to our College. And beyond leadership, ELTHAM students are encouraged to become active contributors to all aspects of campus life, from Flagpole Assembly to Celebration Nights and Year 12 Dinners. In the classroom, we lay the foundation for respectful relationships by dispelling formal titles and instead encouraging first-name interactions between students and staff.

International Women's Day culture and identity

A culture of identity affirmation

ELTHAM is a community of many communities. We offer over 90 co-curricular clubs and programs, from Team Geek to the Elite and Emerging Athlete Program to Pride Group. Each creates another inclusive space where students can pursue their passions, interests, understanding and connections with like-minded others.

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams and live the life you have imagined,” by Henry David Thoreau, I think embodies what we encourage here at ELTHAM and is my favourite quote and one that I live by and instil into my Year 7 students."

Penny van Gelderen Year 7 Coordinator

Hear from students, alumni and staff: #IWD Panel Discussion

Inclusive campaigns and events  

The messages we see displayed in the media may have a long way to go, but at ELTHAM, we consciously create content to combat exclusion in the form of campaigns and calendar events that celebrate our female community. It’s one of the reasons we so steadfastly uphold International Women’s Day; it’s another opportunity to explicitly reinforce the values we hold dear. 

Inclusion begins at school, and carries forth into the world.

ELTHAM is proud to lead our community in #InspiringInclusion this International Women’s Day.