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Uplifting athletes to achieve their personal best

ELTHAM provides exceptional opportunities and support for students with athletic potential to thrive in their chosen sport or sports.  

The ELTHAM Elite and Emerging Athlete Program (EEAP) maps a personal course that will support, challenge and motivate your child to achieve their definition of sporting success. 

Our distinct approach develops physical fitness and strength conditioning within an environment of well-rounded wellbeing. Our objective is to nurture holistically strong students, able to pursue professional sporting careers and active, healthy lives.  

Applications for the program open at the start of each year

Online applications will be assessed by the Director of Sport and EEAP coaching staff. 

The online application details required include: 

  • Student profile: current level and competition, achievements to date, additional sports played, sporting ambitions 
  • Student personal reflection: specific questions 
  • Reference from a coach 

ELTHAM College partners with ACE Performance, a Melbourne-based athlete centre of excellence specialising in sports performance, high performance and athletic development. ACE Performance Coaches specialise in everyday sports, youth, men and women, through to professional and Olympic athletes. Check out our program partners ACE Performance:

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