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Empower your child to pursue the life they choose

At ELTHAM College, students are nurtured into real-world ready individuals.

Our philosophy is that education is a daring adventure, where children learn to think for themselves in preparation for a future of exciting possibilities. We teach our young people to relate to the world, understand their effect on it, and help shape it in positive ways. Above all else, ELTHAM is about ‘growing hearts and minds’.

As an independent, co-educational and non-denominational private school, we are constantly adapting to the changing needs of young people and their world. Our students are supported on their learning journeys, encouraged to aim high in life, form successful relationships, juggle the everyday demands of life, achieve independence and greet opportunities with confidence.

Our graduates step into life after school as proactive young people, equipped with the skills and desire to continue successful learning.

Wherever their passions lie, everyone has open opportunity at ELTHAM College.

Entering Senior School is an exciting time for students. At ELTHAM College, our students can continue to grow and develop their independent learning journeys through diverse streams. Some of our highlights include:

Elite and Emerging Athlete Program Eltham College


Our Elite and Emerging Sports Program utilises our expansive facilities, including gym, stadium, and panoramic sports fields with city views.

Production Eltham College

Performing Arts and Music

Our challenging Performing Arts and Music programs nurture the beginner to the elite performer, which see our students progress straight from school to the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA) and respected Australian Film and Television Schools. Students can get involved in the Senior School production, join the choir, and partake in our take home instrument program.

Eltham College Enrolment


Our University-grade Analytical Chemistry Hub and world-class Observatory are facilities that are available to students across Junior and Senior School, for discovery, experiments and investigations, which has provided some of our students the opportunity to be published scientists before they finish school.

Student Wellbeing

Students have access to two qualified psychologists on campus. Learning support is available to students who learn differently or require an individualised approach to their learning.


Senior School students start every school day with a dedicated class mentor session, providing holistic support that is complimentary to our smaller class sizes.

Leadership Opportunities

Our K-12 co-curricular program has embedded leadership opportunities for Senior School students, fostering a whole-of-school community culture.

Job Ready Skills

Senior School students have the opportunity to learn job-ready skills at our onsite commercially operational Swipers Restaurant and Cafe from Year 8 onwards. They also partake in activities and services offered by the ELTHAM College LifeWork Centre, dedicated to supporting students from Year 9 onwards with gaining work experience, creating resumes, mock interviews and job applications, and researching and applying for a variety of post school options including university, employment, or apprenticeships.

ELTHAM college Science

We're Daringly Different

Students at ELTHAM College learn in a unique environment

Our exceptional campus, purpose-designed and built facilities, and beautiful natural surroundings of the Yarra Valley provides an inspiring place for students to dream and learn, with positive flow-on effects on their physical health and emotional wellbeing.

We understand the importance of academic excellence.

To genuinely prepare our students to be world-ready, their education must be intellectually stimulating and a well-rounded experience of challenges and opportunities. Our teachers guide each young person to unlock their talents through one of Victoria’s broadest and most innovative curriculums, empowering them with the self-confidence and independence to manage their future lives.

Eltham College Year 7 enrolment basketball

ELTHAM College students thrive beyond the classroom

Our co-curricular program offers students the chance to try new things and find their true passions. By nurturing their athletic, creative, and community-minded interests, we provide experiences that respond to their intellectual and personal diversity. Students are encouraged to be brave, curious, and see life as a chance for unlimited learning. This holistic approach to education is how we authentically educate the whole student.

Eltham College Year 7 enrolment speaker

With a unique school comes a unique culture and community

At all levels our teachers instil mutually respectful relationships with their students, through passion for their subjects and forging professional bonds with their class. Students enjoy the benefits of conservative class sizes, where independent thinking is cultivated through applied learning and a strong connection to the world beyond the four walls of a classroom.