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Chess Club Excels at EISM Chess Gala Day

25 January 2024

This year, the members of the chess club competed in the EISM Chess Gala Day, where we all played seven games throughout the day.

It was a Swiss format competition, meaning each round we would be playing an opposition of similar skill level depending on whether we won, drew or lost the previous game. The scoring system works by giving one point per win, ½ a point for a draw, and no point for a loss. Each team’s points are calculated by adding the top four players' scores together.

We were split up into two teams based on year level, with seven Juniors and four Seniors. The Juniors finished third overall with 16½ points, and the Seniors finished fourth overall with 13½ points.

It was amazing to see everyone give their all for every game and have so much fun across the day. The top scorer for the Junior team was Selby, who had an outstanding 5 points out of a possible 7. His run came down to an extremely tense game against the top player in the comp. He unfortunately lost, but had an amazing crowd and played incredibly.

Kai was the top scorer for the Senior team, with a fantastic 4 out of 7 points. Facing some of the most skilled chess players in the region, Kai played some superb chess and outplayed ferocious opposition.

Overall, everyone had a fantastic time and played some amazing chess. Hopefully we can do even better next year!

Harry, Year 10 student