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Empowering Young Creatives at AMPeD Music Conference

09 January 2024

There are conferences and events like AMPeD available to adults working in the industry, but never really in a secondary schooling setting or for young people. AMPeD is a unique program and I came on board as a presenter in 2022 to support and help grow it even further.

From my perspective as an APRA AMCOS representative, AMPeD offers us the ability to connect and communicate with young songwriters, so that they know that we're here. If they're writing, composing and releasing work, then they should join APRA AMCOS so they can be paid their royalties.

As a former teacher myself, AMPeD is just such a wonderful program. To give students, especially those outside the inner city who get a lot more of these types of opportunities, a day to connect with industry professionals, to learn from them and be helped by them, is important.

For students who attend AMPeD, my advice is take it all in. There will be a variety of presenters with practical activities, and for others, students will need to listen and take notes.

Weigh up the good with the bad in terms of the industry itself – it's not glamorous all the time and students will hear about the hard work that it takes to succeed.

I was so impressed with the presenter line-up last year, and this year it’s even more so, this is an esteemed presenter group. There’s a real cross section of performers and talent working in different areas of the industry, but also at different levels.

ELTHAM College and Nicole Howard obviously have strong connections in industry to get such a high-quality line-up.

Glenn Bennie  
AMPeD Presenter  
National Education and Outreach, APRA/AMCOS