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Supporting Student Wellbeing Through Self-Reflection

25 January 2024

ELTHAM College has offered a busy program of student wellbeing programs this year, including the Cyber Safety Project (Junior school and Years 7 and 8), Life Education, discussing friendships and inclusion, alcohol awareness, gambling and addiction (Senior School) and the Year 10 wellbeing retreat, just to name a few.

Over and above these programs, one of the most valuable things we have given our students is time to reflect, time to check in and, if necessary, time to ask for assistance.

In various ways, students have been given the time and prompts to self reflect in an age-appropriate way. In the 3/4 Neighbourhood our students have been asked questions such as, "What makes us unique, and how can we celebrate our differences’?" and, "How can we take responsibilty for our actions and relationships?", through to questions asked of our Year 11 students: "What would I do differently if I were to live this year again?" and, "How am I lining up my actions with my values?".

As well as providing these structured moments of reflection, we've offered the PIVOT program in the Senior School. This has enabled students to ask for assistance in a confidential, non-threatening way via an online wellbeing check-in platform.

Student wellbeing is at the heart of all we do at ELTHAM. As part of my role as Head of Student Services, I too take time to reflect and evaluate what is working well, for the wellbeing of our students, and where there may be room for growth.

Julia Walker

Head of Student Services