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Submit your entry to ELTHAM 50: Film and Photography Competition

Competition Guidelines

Entries must be original and solely created by the student(s) or alumni.

Films should not exceed 5 minutes for Junior, 7 minutes for Intermediate, and 10 minutes for Senior and Alumni categories. 

Photographs should be submitted in digital format, with a resolution of 300 dpi only. 

Each participant can submit up to 3 entries per category. 

Entries must be accompanied by a short description (50-100 words) explaining the intention and inspiration behind the work. 

Entries depicting violence, offensive content, or any form of hate will be disqualified. 

All participants under the age of 18 must have parental consent to participate. 

Students can use accessible equipment, including mobile devices, to create their submissions. 

All film and photography to be rated PG (e.g. no profanity, no nudity).

Any music must be royalty free, all sampling of voices must have permission.

Judging Criteria

Creativity & Originality: How unique and imaginative is the interpretation of the theme? 

Technical Proficiency: How well are the technical aspects of film or photography handled? 

Composition: How well are elements arranged and does it effectively convey a message or story? 

Relevance to the Theme: How closely does the entry relate to the theme submitted under 

Narrative/Storytelling: Does the work have a clear narrative or message? 


Submit Your Entry

If you are entering as a team, please list full names for each team member.
Nominate which category you will enter.
Which competition theme does your work explore?
Provide a short description (50-100 words) explaining the intention and inspiration behind your work.
Provide a link to your project - this can be a direct link to a file for download, or to an online platform such as YouTube.