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Join ELTHAM College: The heart of lifelong learning, and a hub for excellence in teaching and professional careers

A school where we are all teachers and students of life

A career at ELTHAM College means being part of a community that values a thirst for knowledge and excellence. It means thriving in a place that champions helping students realise their full potential, while constantly improving on our own. 

We believe empowered minds, empower minds

ELTHAM College is dedicated to unlocking and nurturing the talents of each individual student, with our teachers playing a pivotal role in guiding the exciting journey of self-discovery and personal development. 

ELTHAM teachers have exceptional skills and have the autonomy to apply them creatively. Joining our dynamic team means immersing yourself in a liberating environment - a place where freedom, challenge, and trust co-exist. Here, we foster a culture of mutual respect, where teachers and students work in harmony, friendship, and collaboration. 

What sets ELTHAM apart is this very ethos. Year after year, our students and graduates tell us that the partnerships they form with their teachers are some of the most defining, enriching, and important aspects of their ELTHAM experience. 

Our Enterprise Agreement has been designed to empower our staff to own their own jobs and take ownership of their role at ELTHAM. It’s about your contributions towards achieving our strategic goals, and how ELTHAM, in turn, acknowledges and rewards your intellectual capital, skill, and efforts. 

Work at eltham college teachers
Work at eltham college teacher and student

A sanctuary for safe & inclusive teaching and learning

At ELTHAM, we do our utmost to encourage a rich and diverse working culture, providing equal employment opportunity to all potential and existing employees. We proudly uphold a non-discriminatory policy and recognise our staff on the basis of their individual qualities and collaborative spirit. 

ELTHAM is dedicated to championing the safety, wellbeing and inclusion of all children and young people. In our unwavering commitment to child safety, we adhere to a zero-tolerance approach to child abuse, and are fully committed to ensuring that strategies, policies, procedures and practices meet all Child Safe Standards as specified in Ministerial Order No. 1359 (2022).  

All job applicants should refer to our Child Safety Policy and Code of Conduct found in our Policies.

Infrastructure and Systems Manager (Full time)

Tuesday, 16 Jan 2024

The Infrastructure and Systems Manager is an integral part of the Information Technology Team. The position is responsible for the management, maintenance and upgrading of College’s Infrastructure and Systems ecosystem ensuring that College systems are reliable and available and meet the needs of the College community.